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just fucking draw. don’t compare yourself to other people, don’t stop because you drew a lot last tuesday and you haven’t visibly improved. it takes time, effort, and a lot of perseverance. besides, no matter how “bad” you think you are, there’s still gonna be someone who thinks the stuff you produce is the best goddamn thing they’ve ever seen in their entire life. the artist you were five years ago would have their mind fucking blown by the artist you are today. so just draw a fuckton, because every new thing you draw is one drawing better than you were before.

Jul 2


recess for my people

This was the squad



recess for my people

This was the squad

Jul 2


LOVE it so much - thank you!!

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Jul 2

Too many young girls don’t know how to act when someone’s being inappropriate with them. They giggle or they try to brush it off. Don’t do that. Tell them to go fuck themselves - be a bitch. If someone’s being disrespectful to you, be disrespectful right back. Show them the same amount of respect that they show you.

- Wise words from my mom (via aurelle)

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Jul 2

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Jul 1

Gou watches Shingeki no Kyojin

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It’s a pity that “Avatar: The last Airbender” never got a live action film.

isn’t it

what a shame

Dear racist/homophobic/ableist/transphobic whiners who say shit like “Children just aren’t ready for these concepts and you’re making them mature too quickly so we don’t need a POC/gay/trans/disabled Disney Princess”:


…The Hunchback of Notre Dame featured a disabled, “disfigured” man orphaned and abandoned by his parents, fostered by a seriously megalomaniac genocidal corrupt priest who sings about being sexually entitled to a Romani woman, right after he declares a war on her entire race, with a chorus of scary hooded choral back up singers. 

…Your argument is now invalid.  carry on.

He wasn’t even abandoned by his parents. His dad and the other people they were with (either members of his family or other Roma) where arrested/murdered. His mother ran for her life with him, screaming for sanctuary outside the door of a church and was murdered on screen when she hit her head on the stone steps. Quasimodo was also held over a well and about to be drowned before another priest intervened.

On top of that there was indication of torture when Phoebus was first introduced (indicated it happened to last captain of the guards),  Quasimodo is publicly humiliated and beaten and looks like he has blood on him from some of the things that were thrown at him, multiple times people were shown about to be hung, Phoebus is shot with an arrow on screen, nearly dies in a river, Esmeralda is nearly burned at the stake, she’s also sexually harassed by Frollo on screen, Frollo attempts to stab Quasimodo as he’s grieving over what he thinks is Esmeralda’s dead body, Frollo throws a fellow priest down a flight of stone steps (though he survives) and is finally killed when he falls off Notre Dame into a river of fire representing hell, with a gargoyle smiling at him like a demon taking him to hell.

I remember being a kid when this movie was released in theaters. I remember going to see it multiple times with my mom and I wasn’t the only young kid there.

Kids can handle heavy stuff and still be children. Children are better at handling heavy stuff and processing it than a lot of a adults.

Given this movie (not to mention Disney’s track record for killing off parents and showing very serious themes and situations) there is zero reason they can’t have someone from a minority be a princess/prince, get some cute animal sidekicks, have fun musical numbers, fall in love and get a happy ending.

Stop using kids as an excuse for exclusion.

Children can handle diversity. It’s just the adults in charge of producing media that can’t.







wasn’t this the episode where he dressed up as a woman on a bet because he thought women were overreacting?

This show was progressive beyond it’s years

I got half way through the photoset before I remembered this is the one with Shaun in drag

Will reblog every time I see this on my dash. 

Love this episode. Love this series. Pretty sure at the end of the episode, Shaun also went to the girl who he had originally acted like this around and apologized to her.

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